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Baltimore County (MD) Firefighter Falkenhan Line of Duty Death Report Issued

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“Firefighter Falkenhan was a well-respected and experienced firefighter. He died performing his duties during a very complex incident with severe fire conditions and unique fire behavior coupled with the immediate need to perform multiple rescues of victims in imminent danger. It would be easy if one particular failure of the system could be identified as the cause of this tragedy. We could fix it and move on. Unfortunately it is not that simple. No incident is “routine”. Mark’s death and this report reinforce that fact”. From the Baltimore County (MD) FD LODD Report.

Los Angeles Firefighters Battle Major Emergency at Townhouses Under construction

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Another Major Emergency fire challenges companies at a townhouse complex underconstruction in LA. Are you trained and prepared to address an alarm assignment at a building or complex under construction? The rules of combat fire engagement are different.

Wind Driven Mansion Fire

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A million dollar Baltimore County, Maryland home was destroyed Sunday December 13, 2009 by a fire that tore through the 4,700-square-foot structure with such intensity that firefighters were forced to battle the flames from the exterior.