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Remembrance: Worcester Cold Storage Tragedy

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Worcester Cold Storage Tragedy On December 3, 1999, a five-alarm fire at the Worcester Cold Storage & Warehouse Co. building claimed the lives of six brave firefighters who responded to the call. These six heros, The Worcester 6, sacrificed their lives to try and rescue two individuals who were believed to be trapped inside the […]

Remembrance: Worcester Cold Storage Warehouse Fire and the Worcester Six

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Remembrance: Worcester Cold Storage Warehouse Fire and the Worcester Six

Size-Up: Report of the Week (ROTW)

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Sizing up a structure for a fire attack is a skill that takes time, practice and experience to fully develop. In some cases, if the size-up is too rapid, critical points can be overlooked.The National Fire Fighter’s Near-Miss Reporting System’s Report of the Week (ROTW) has some insights.

Supervisor cleared on all charges in Deutsche Bank Building Fire that killed 2 FDNY Firefighters

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  Published reports are being stating that the least senior of three construction officials in the Deutsche Bank manslaughter trial was acquitted of all charges today — after telling jurors that he had no idea the giant pipe he helped remove from the basement had anything to do with providing water to firefighters. A construction […]

Three UK Fire Service Managers charged in LODD incident

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    Three fire service managers in charge of the operation at a south Warwickshire vegetable packing warehouse in which four firefighters died are to face prosecution for manslaughter.  The Crown Prosecution Service has decided that that Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service managers Paul Simmons, Adrian Ashley and Timothy Woodward will face charges of manslaughter by […]

Worcester Cold Storage Warehouse Fire 1999

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Today December 3, 2010 marks the 11th anniversary of the Worcester Cold Storage Warehouse fire that resulted in the line of duty death of six courages brother firefighters.    For those of you who remember this event, take the time to reflect and honor the sacrifice made this day; to those of you who have not […]

Green Building Construction for the Fire Service

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  What is a Green Building? Take a look at a new Blog Post on Firehouse.com by an emerging and up and coming leader in the fire service Lt. John Shafer. Check out  Lt. Shafer’s facebook page called Green Buildings for the Fire Service with informative information on Green Building issues http://www.facebook.com/pages/Green-Building-Construction-for-Fire-Service/146302678730175

Another Average Week…for most of us

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During this week, there were on average, over 10,173 structure fires in the United States. According to NFPA statistics the following occur on average in the U.S; • A fire department responded to a fire every 20 seconds. • One structure fire was reported every 59 seconds. • One home structure fire was reported every […]

Looking at the Big Picture

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A recent posting by Chief Ben Waller on the Candle-Moth Syndrome and the reference to Target Fixation brings to light some very important insights related to buildings, occupancies and the risk assessment process. The relationship of target fixation and faulted size-up that ultimately progresses to faulted tactics and the potential for detrimental incident outcomes is […]

Effective Battle Plans & Performance

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The following are quotes from Fire Chief Anthony Aiellos (ret) Hackensack (NJ) Fire Department, Fire Chief during the Hackensack Ford Fire, July, 1988… “If you don’t fully understand how a building truly performs or reacts under fire conditions and the variables that can influence its stability and degradation, movement of fire and products of combustion […]

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Without understanding the building-occupancy relationships and integrating; construction, occupancies, fire dynamics and fire behavior, risk, analysis, the art and science of firefighting, safety conscious work environment concepts and effective and well-informed incident command management, company level supervision and task level competencies…You are derelict and negligent and "not "everyone may be going home". Our current generation of buildings, construction and occupancies are not as predictable as past conventional construction; risk assessment, strategies and tactics must change to address these new rules of structural fire engagement. There is a need to gain the building construction knowledge and insights and to change and adjust operating profiles in order to safe guard companies, personnel and team compositions. It's all about understanding the building-occupancy relationships and the art and science of firefighting, Building Knowledge = Firefighter Safety (Bk=F2S)

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