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San Francisco FD Berkeley Way Double LODD Report Issued: Routine Fire….

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This incident appeared from the onset to be a routine “room and contents” fire that the SFFD encounters on a regular basis. As the Companies were performing standard fireground operations, the incident rapidly deteriorated due to a hostile fire event. The failure of a window in the fire room allowed fresh oxygen to enter the room, providing a fire that was deprived of one of the key elements of combustion to rapidly intensify.

SFFD Diamond Heights LODD Safety Violations

State investigators have cited the San Francisco Fire Department for “serious” worker safety violations in the deaths of two firefighters killed battling a Diamond Heights house fire in June

Fire/EMS Safety, Health and Survival Week 2011: Day Five: Near-Misses, Maydays and Floor Collapses

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During the last quarter of 2010 and leading well into the second quarter of 2011 there has been a significant emerging trend developing in basement fires, compromised floor systems and assemblies leading to collapse and numerous near-miss events, close calls and unfortunatly, line of duty deaths during fire operations. If you’ve been paying attention to the various news and […]

2nd San Francisco Firefighter Dies After Diamond Heights Fire

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It’s being reported that San Francisco Fire Fighter Anthony Valerio passed away this morning as a result of injuries sustained while operating the Diamond Heights fire on Thursday June 2nd. This becomes the second line of duty death from this incident that also resulted in the LODD of Lt. Vincent Perez.  Anthony “Tony” Valerio, a […]

San Francisco FD: The Diamond Heights Fire Updates

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  Courtesy Patty Stanton       Updates from San Francisco; From KCBS: http://sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com/2011/06/03/san-francisco-firefighter-remains-critical-fallen-colleague-mourned/ New Photos; http://sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com/photo-galleries/2011/06/02/firefighter-killed-in-san-francisco-blaze/ From KTVU; http://www.ktvu.com/index.html http://www.ktvu.com/video/28120861/index.html   Injured Firefighter Remains In Critical Condition SAN FRANCISCO: Raw Interview With Injured Firefighter’s Brother On Family’s Vigil SLIDESHOW: Images From Fatal Diamond Heights Blaze SAN FRANCISCO: Emergency Call Audio Reveals Desperate Attempts To […]

San Francisco FD Flashover LODD, two others injured

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San Francisco (CA) Fire Department Lt. Vincent Perez, 48, died in the line of duty during fire suppression operations trying to extinguish a fire at a four-story residential occupancy in the Diamond Heights section of San Francisco. FF Anthony Valerio, 53, is reported in critical condition at San Francisco General Hospital’s intensive care unit with […]

Compromised Floor Assembly Traps Firefighters

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A Taftville (CT) Firefigher was caught in a compromised floor condition while fighting a fire in a residential occupancy on Friday morning April 15th in Norwich, CT., resulting in a mayday and RIT deloyment to support the extrication and firefighter removal from the interior. Published reports from Theday.com indicated a fire fighter issued a mayday after […]