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Standpipe Systems and Operational Insights

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Standpipe Systems, Select Case Studies, Incident Reports, LODD Investigations and Operational Insights for Firefighter Safety and Operational Excellence

Delayed Standpipe Operations Investigated in Asheville Medical Building Fire

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  Apparent delays with establishing a sustained water supply via the building standpipe system are being published in the Asheville Citizens-Times.com today. Direct link HERE Published reports are indicating possible problems with water delivery to the standpipe system designed to supply water from a street hydrant system to the fifth floor of a burning medical […]

Medical Office Building Multiple Alarm Fire Leds to Fire Captain LODD

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A multiple 4-alarm fire took command of a medical office suite located in a five story non-sprinklered Medical Center Office Building in the City of Asheville, North Carolina on Thursday July 28, 2011.