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Gypsum Board Ceiling Systems, Ceiling Collapse and Firefighter Safety

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We’re posting the ROTW alert in it’s entirety below and are expanding upon this discussion to include materials previously posted on Buildingsonfire.com from the posts that surrounded the LAFD LODD of Firefighter Glenn L. Allen

Flags at the NFFF Memorial; SFFD LODD

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The flags at the National Fallen Fire Fighter Memorial at the National Fire Academy are once again lowered this morning as a result of the line of duty death of Lieutenant Vincent Perez of the San Francisco (CA) Fire Department as a result of injuries sustained while conducting  fire suppression operations in a residential occupancy […]

Gypsum Board Ceiling Systems and Firefigher Safety

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The recent events in Los Angeles and the line of duty death of veteran LAFD Firefighter Glenn Allen who died Friday from injuries he sustained when a ceiling collapsed on him in a house fire late Wednesday night in the Hollywood Hills again gives us pause to reflect on the demands and hazards present at […]