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5-5-2009 8-33-29 AM

Christopher J. Naum, SFPE

Chief of Training, Command Institute 

Washington, DC USA

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New Seminar & Lecture Topics for 2013


2013 Keynote Address

Opening or Closing Deliveries


  • Adaptive Management for Today’s Evolving  Fireground
    • Firefighting and Incident Command Management is the essence of the Fire Service; it is formulative to our rich history but at the same time is being impacted by numerous internal and external influences reflective of social and economic climate, values and challenges. The Art and Science of Firefighting and the quest to achieve operational excellence while maintaining Firefighter Safety suggests our future success rests with our ability to create a new adaptive operational model to meet the demands of today’s fires and the evolving fireground of tomorrow. 


  • Today’s Evolving Fireground: Are You Ready to Make the Necessary Changes?
    • Today’s fireground and structure fires are different from those of recent past; empirical research and data, new insights and emerging dialog is identifying an emerging fireground with new demands. Energizing insights with provoking perspectives asking if as Leaders you’re ready to make the necessary changes.


  • Command Resiliency and Tactical Patience for Operational Excellence
    • Energizing insights on the needs for preparedness, resiliency and patience to effectively address the evolving fireground and increasing demands associated with incidents while attaining operational excellence and increasing firefighter safety.


  • The Company and Command Officer in 2013 and Beyond
    • A thought provoking discussion on the increasing demands for today’s emerging, practicing or future Company and Command Officer and a challenge on how to meet tomorrows demands today through self-determination and personal accountability.  


  • Tactical Renaissance and the New Rules of Engagement
    • Today’s buildings and occupancies present challenging fires that are redefined strategic and tactical fireground operations and are changing the rules of engagement in structural fire incidents. An intuitive proclamation on the emerging Tactical Renaissance directed at today’s Emerging or Practicing Company and Command Officers.


  • The Doctrine of Combat Fire Engagement 2013
    • What has today’s fireground evolved into when we talk about combat fire suppression and engagement? Has it remained constant-Has it changed? Do we continue to operate utilizing time proven methodologies or are we prepared to identify new adaptive methodologies and practices? What is the New Doctrine and are we ready to accept it? 


  • What’s on YOUR Radar Screen? Meeting the New Operational Demands
    • There are a lot of things going on in the Fire Service today, the need to filter through to the key issues that affect all organizations and personnel is imperative. An affirmation of what should be on the radar screen of today’s emerging, practicing or future Company and Command Officers.


  • Fireground Leadership for Company& Command Officers
    • Today’s fire ground presents new found challenges that are redefined strategic and tactical fire operations and are testing past practices in structural firefighting and incident management. An open and frank discussion on what will be defining attributes and traits of the emerging fire officer and commander influenced by new strategic, tactical and operational modeling.

New for 2013

Seminar and Conference Training Curriculums

Programs are available as Pre-conference and/or Concurrent Session availability

These programs can be facilitated as an 12, 8 hour, 4 hour or 90 minute programs

  • Adaptive Fireground Management for Company and Command Officers
  • Fireground Leadership for Company & Command Officers
  • Reading the Building: Predictive Occupancy Profiling
  • Five Star Command & Fire Fighter Safety
  • The New Fireground: Engineered Systems, Construction & Tactics
  • Dynamic Risk Assessment & Firefighting Operations
  • Command Institute’s Fire Ground Leadership Series

Target Training Curricula Audience

  • Command Officers
  • Company Grade Officers
  • Training Officers
  • Fire Service Instructors
  • Safety Offices
  • Firefighters


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