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Ten Minutes in the Street Scenarios on Firefighter Nation

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                                                                                                                Ten Minutes in the Street: On-scene, with Engine 13….. Ten Minutes in the Street: On-scene, with Engine 21, Second Alarm… Ten Minutes in the Street: “Dispatch to Chief..You’ve got Two Working Fires…” Launching Soon

Entry Img Launching January 2010 An Informational, Reference and Training web site Dedicated to the Art & Science of Building Construction, Firefighting and Command Risk Management to promote Firefighter Safety Advancing Training, Knowledge, Skill Development and Safety Focus for the Fire Service, and Supporting the NFFF Firefighter Life Safety Initiatives & EGH program Check out Buildingsonfire […]

Another Average Week…for most of us

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During this week, there were on average, over 10,173 structure fires in the United States. According to NFPA statistics the following occur on average in the U.S; • A fire department responded to a fire every 20 seconds. • One structure fire was reported every 59 seconds. • One home structure fire was reported every […]

Looking at the Big Picture

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A recent posting by Chief Ben Waller on the Candle-Moth Syndrome and the reference to Target Fixation brings to light some very important insights related to buildings, occupancies and the risk assessment process. The relationship of target fixation and faulted size-up that ultimately progresses to faulted tactics and the potential for detrimental incident outcomes is […]

NFPA Responds to Flawed Justifications for Proposals RB53, RB54, RB56 and RB57

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NFPA Responds to Flawed Justifications for Proposals RB53, RB54, RB56 and RB57 from IRC Fire Sprinkler Coalition. The National Fire Protection Association has analyzed substantiation statements by anti-sprinkler interests in their proposals to diminish or delete the IRC’s fire sprinkler requirements. Read the NFPA Report HERE IRC Sprinkler Coalition, HERE

Effective Battle Plans & Performance

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The following are quotes from Fire Chief Anthony Aiellos (ret) Hackensack (NJ) Fire Department, Fire Chief during the Hackensack Ford Fire, July, 1988… “If you don’t fully understand how a building truly performs or reacts under fire conditions and the variables that can influence its stability and degradation, movement of fire and products of combustion […]

The Wrong Dragon…..just look over your shoulder

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                I’ve commented with more than a few postings on the issues related to engineer building construction components and assemblies. I posed some questions related to Engineered Structural Assemblies & Systems (ESS) and asked if you knew what they represent and how these components, assemblies and systems may […]

Solar Shingles and Conventional Asphalt Shingles

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With continued emphasis on alternative energy systems and applications, the newest feature to hit the American market place is thin film amorphous solar products. These products are individual solar panels that look like standard shingles, but are actually solar cell panels that can produce electricity. A recent posting from Firegeezer brought these units to the […]

Remembering the One Meridian Plaza High-rise Fire,

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Remembering the One Meridian Plaza High-rise Fire,1991 Ceremonies took place on Wednesday October 21 in Philadelphia, PA unvieling a memorial honoring PFD Fire Capt. David P. Holcombe, Firefighter Phyllis McAllister and Firefighter James A. Chappell who died in the line of duty while conducting operations at a high-rise fire in what is known as the […]

Everyone Goes Home Program

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Have you dropped in on the EGH web site recently and made use of the vast array of resources and media that can support a wide latitude of firefighter safety, health and survival initiatives? Everyone Goes Home® is a national program by the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation to prevent line-of-duty deaths and injuries. In March […]

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