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NIST Strategic Roadmap to Reduce Preventable Fire Burden

New NIST Strategic Roadmap Aims to Reduce the Nation’s Preventable Fire Burden by a Third

Wind Driven Fires

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Wind blowing into the broken window of a room on fire can turn a “routine room and contents fire” into a floor-to-ceiling firestorm.

Fire Modeling Software

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Fire Modeling and Fire Simulator programs are available that were developed or sponsored by the Fire Research Division at the NIST.

2nd National Fire Service Research Agenda Symposium

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The Second National Fire Service Research Agenda Symposium was recently convened and held at the National Emergency Training Center in Emmitsburg, Maryland that brought together some of the leading national fire researchers and a cross section of a who’s who in fire service leadership to complete an intensive two days of interaction and engagement to […]

Prevention of Disproportionate Structural Collapse

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Many U.S. buildings are vulnerable to extreme loads that may cause partial or total collapse. Modern structures have a limited reserve capacity to accommodate abnormal loads. There is no accepted science-base or design practice to maintain overall structural robustness within a multi-hazard context that considers both design loads and abnormal loads. The National Institute of […]

Taking it to the Streets; “Redefining the Fire Ground” Rescheduled

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Many would argue that the fire ground doesn’t need to be “redefined”; that the way we do business in the Streets is just fine and that the American Fire Service knows how to get the job done, at any cost.

NIST Study on Charleston Furniture Store Fire Calls for National Safety Improvements

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Major factors contributing to a rapid spread of fire at the Sofa Super Store in Charleston, S.C., on June 18, 2007, included large open spaces with furniture providing high fuel loads, the inward rush of air following the breaking of windows and a lack of sprinklers, according to a draft report released for public comment […]

NIST Residential Fire Study Education Kit Now Available

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Educational resource for fire chiefs, firefighters, and public officials.

International Society of Fire Service Instructors; “Modern Construction Considerations for Company Officers.”

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The program is a train-the trainer package that combines the latest research on light weight building construction.

What’s On Your Radar Screen?

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BuildingsonFire 2010; Building Construction, Command Risk Management and Operational Safety Major Influencing Fire Service Reports, Issues or Focus that should be on Your Radar Screen The following list is but a modest cross section of pertinent information or focus areas today’s Firefighter, Company or Command Officer MUST be knowledgeable in, have insights and proficiency based […]

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