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Remembering FDNY Black Sunday…Multiple Firefighter LODDs January 23, 2005

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FDNY: Remembering FDNY Black Sunday…LODD 2005    The call had come at 7:59 on a Sunday morning, the day after a January blizzard had shut down the city. There was still more than a foot of unplowed snow on East 178th Street off the Grand Concourse, and some of it was still swirling in 45-mile-an-hour […]

Remember the Sacrafice…..

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Andrew Savulich, Daily News Remember the Sacrafice….. FDNY Memorial Wall, HERE FDNY 343, HERE Honor and Remembrance, HERE

“It’s Not Something You Do; It’s Something You Are”

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    Remembering the Sacrifices’ of that day in September and all of those who came before us in this the United States Fire Service and those that were with us, in the commission of our sworn duties who didn’t go home… we do what we do best, being Fire Fighters.

FDNY Deutsche Bank Building LODD Fire Report issued by NIOSH

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The NIOSH Fire Fighter Fatality Investigation and Prevention Program has released the investigation report of the line of duty deaths of two career FDNY  firefighters during a 2007 seven-alarm high-rise fire in the former Deutsche Bank building undergoing deconstruction and asbestos abatement. On August 18, 2007,  two FDNY firefighters; Fr. Joseph Graffagnino and Fr. Robert Beddia both assigned […]

Reflecting on These Days of June

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Over the next few days, much will be written up reflecting on a number of past historical events that resonate with the rich heritage, honor and tradition that makes this Fire Service what it is.  Anniversaries come and go; remembrance, sorrow, grief and respect; the good and the bad all seem to come streaming back-or […]

FDNY Brooklyn Box 4080: 17 Vandalia Avenue 12.18.98

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Take a moment to look back at an incident: On December 18, 1998, Three FDNY Firefighters died in-the line of duty while conducting suppression and rescue operations at  fire on the tenth floor of 10-story high-rise apartment building for the elderly.  At 0454 hours Brooklyn transmitted box 4080 for a top floor fire at 17 Vandalia […]

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