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Adaptive Fireground Strategies for Today’s Occupancies at FDIC

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If you’re planning on heading to the Fire Department Instructors Conference, FDIC in Indianapolis please consider making time to attend our classroom session. We’ll make sure we have a seat waiting for you. There’s a tremendous selection of offerings, check out the program listings HERE. If you’re not able to make the class, make sure you contact me if […]

The Challenges We Face: Issues Confronting Today’s Fire Service

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Captain Bill Gustin, Miami-Dade (FL) Fire Rescue Department, provided a stellar keynote presention during the FDIC 2011 General Session on “The Challenges We Face: Issues Confronting Today’s Fire Service” about the whole FDIC “experience.” We have put too little attention on basic engine company operations!” This was perhaps the message that most resonated from Captain […]