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Operational Excellence

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Active and Engaged: or Passive and on the Sideline?

Baltimore County (MD) Firefighter Falkenhan Line of Duty Death Report Issued

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“Firefighter Falkenhan was a well-respected and experienced firefighter. He died performing his duties during a very complex incident with severe fire conditions and unique fire behavior coupled with the immediate need to perform multiple rescues of victims in imminent danger. It would be easy if one particular failure of the system could be identified as the cause of this tragedy. We could fix it and move on. Unfortunately it is not that simple. No incident is “routine”. Mark’s death and this report reinforce that fact”. From the Baltimore County (MD) FD LODD Report.

Building-Occupancy Relationships and Firefighting

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Knowledge and proficiencies related to building construction are formulative to all strategic, tactical and task level assignments. Without understanding the building-occupancy relationships and integrating; construction, the compartment, occupancy risk, fire dynamics and fire behavior, fluid situational awareness and risk analysis, the art and science of aggressive and smart firefighting with well-informed incident command management, company […]

The New Rules of Combat Fire Engagement: Random Thoughts

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The New Rules of Combat Fire Engagement: How do You Measure  Your Effectiveness on the Fireground? What are Your Rules of Engagement Based upon? Are Your Operations SOP Driven? Are they Aggressive or Measured? What is Employed in your Size-up? How is Risk Assessed, Monitored, Adjusted? Do Company Officers Manage Tactical Objectives? Is Tactical Entertainment […]

Chicago Fire Department: Everyone Goes Home (official version)

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In an effort to make personal safety a top priority, the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation (NFFF) and the Chicago Fire Department (CFD) today released a new video, Chicago Fire Department – Everyone Goes Home®.

Commercials- Got Fire; Anticipate Collapse

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There are numerous factors to be cognizant of at commerical building fires especially when it comes to identifying precursors and indicators for collapse. Got Fire? Anticipate Collapse!

Training for the Evolving Fireground

Today’s fireground is evolving and transitioning due to a wide variety of changes, impacts and influences. Are you keeping up with what those changes are? Looking for some new and emerging training for 2012? How about Training in PA in November?

The New Fire Ground and the First-Due

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This edition of Taking it to the StreetsTM the program will be looking at the New Fire Ground and the First-Due
Joining the program will be two special guests: Division Chief Ed Hadfield (CA) and Deputy Chief Jason Hoevelmann (MO) providing a great opportunity to listen to perspectives from coast to coast and the heartland.

Fire/EMS Safety, Health and Survival Week: Day Three-The New Rules of Engagement

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Fire/EMS Safety, Health and Survival Week: Day Three-The New Rules of Engagement  With so many changes (budget cuts, staffing reductions, reduced training, etc.) in so many fire departments, it is critical for fire fighters to focus on their own survival on the fire ground. There is no other call more challenging to fire ground operations […]

Looking Back at The Cherry Road Townhouse Fire, Double LODD; DCFD 1999

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  Looking Back at The Cherry Road Townhouse Fire, Double LODD; DCFD  May 30th, 1999  On May 30, 1999, (DCFD) fire fighters responded to a box alarm involving a townhouse fire at 3146 Cherry Rd NE, Washington, DC 20018-1612. DCFD FireFighter Anthony Phillips, Engine 10 DCFD FireFighter Louis Matthews, Engine 26 From the NIOSH Report:  The […]

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