A View from the Street

A View from the Street

Chief Doug Cline and I have lectured extensively on the emerging Tactical Renaissance, Adaptive Fireground management and tactics what has been slowly taking hold of our profession.

The Art and Science of Firefighting is aligning in a manner that will ultimately forge enhancements in our methodologies, model work practices and fireground capabilities that will translate into increased effectiveness and efficiencies to save both lives and property.

Current emerging fire research and studies validates and further strengthens the fundamental tenet of firefighting that resonates loudly; timely and effective placement of a sustainable water source and hose stream within the compartment will have the greatest impact on operational success, building and system integrity, occupant survivability and firefighter safety. 

It allows us to do our job within the building environment and manage the risks.

The deliver methods, options and capabilities of the company will define the probability of risk and likelihood of success in buildings on fire.

Put the Fire Out: Most Problems Become Manageable Photo CJ Naum

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