Building Risk Profile, Before the First-Due

Understanding Building Risk Profile, Before the First-Due Arrival. Photos: CJ Naum

You need to get out into the streets and not only look at your buildings, but also comprehend what it is your looking at and how it may affect the conduct of operations based upon your assignment, task or oversight.

If you don’t understand how a building is built; then how is it possible for you to identify, determine and assign appropriate assignments  based upon prevailing or projected conditions on the incident scene?

Remember, It’s Occupancy Risk NOT Occupancy Type

Understanding the Building’s Anatomy, it’s Predictability of Performance and the effects of Fire Behavior on the Compartment and the Envelope are one of the primary tenets for Commanders, Company Officers and Firefighters.
  • How do your skill sets compliment or detract from the incident’s priorities, demands, and required actions?
  • Are you working to eliminate any gaps and be the best you can be?
You are integral to all that’s required on the fireground: failure is not an option.


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