Engineered Structural Support (ESS) system: Been in the Field lately?

Been in the field lately looking at your buildings under construction? Here’s a new look at a common Engineered Structural Support (ESS) system.

Here’s  today’s Taking it to the Streets session; Take a look at this Engineered Structural Support (ESS) system. There are two critical component systems depicted here in this photo- can you tell what they are? Take a close look at the ESS T…russ components. They are nothing new, but they do cause a stir when they make their way back into main stream fire service discussions as firefighters and officers “rediscover” these type of systems, their use, presence and operational risk and profiling.

So let’s start the dialog:

  • Can you name the type of ESS Truss, the inherent characteristics, design and function | typical applications | risks and operational concerns.
  • What impact will fire impingement have on the ESS assembly in either foor or roof systems?
  • How can you identify these assemblies and building characteristics unpon arrival?
  • What fireground strategies and tactics would you employ upon arrival at an occupancy with this type of ESS?
  • Don’t forget to look at the second system component that I mentioned earlier;
  • Can you identify it? Its relationship to the other system and other inherent performance issues?



Lots to talk about, look at and share. Any street stories to share-please post. I’ve got a few more in this series to post after we get some dialog and insights….
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