The Brotherhood of the Fire Service and the Bonds of Family


We all share a common bond that is defined by who we are and that is; firefighters. We are also defined by our families and loved ones and by the paths our fire service careers have or will be charted; have given us; and where they may lead us in the years ahead. Each of us has had a journey in our lives in the years since the day of September 11th, 2001.

What defines you as a Firefighter, Fire Officer, Fire Chief, Commander or in many of your other roles: both on and off the fireground: Today and in the Future?

What are or will be the testament and virtues of your contributions and service to the Brotherhood of the Fire Service as defined by the sacrifices of 9|11 and the Bonds of Family?

September 11, 2002 ~ September 10, 2011

Excerpts from the Last Homily of Father Mychal Judge FDNY Chaplain, at Mass for Firefighters: Sept. 10, 2001:

You do what God has called you to do. You get on that rig, you go out and do the job. No matter how big the call, no matter how small, you have no idea of what God is calling you to do, but God needs you. He needs me. He needs all of us. God needs us to keep supporting each other, to be kind to each other, to love each other…

We love this job, we all do. What a blessing it is! It’s a difficult, difficult job, but God calls you to do it, and indeed, He gives you a love for it so that a difficult job will be well done.

Isn’t God wonderful?! Isn’t He good to you, to each one of you, and to me? Turn to God each day — put your faith, your trust, your hope and your life in His hands.

He’ll take care of you, and you’ll have a good life. And this firehouse will be a great blessing to this neighborhood and to this city. Amen.

See full text of Mychal’s Last Homily here





A Memorial Wall listing the names of 64 FDNY members who died in the last 11 years due to World Trade Center-related illnesses is present at FDNY Headquarters  (HERE)


The names included: (updated for 2012)

Firefighter Robert W. Dillon, Engine Co. 153

Firefighter Vanclive A. Johnson, Ladder Co. 135

Firefighter Russell C. Brinkworth, Ladder Co. 135

Firefighter Edward V. Tietjen, Ladder Co. 48

Firefighter Walter Voight, Ladder Co. 144

Battalion Chief Kevin R. Byrnes, Battalion 7

Firefighter Stephen M. Johnson, Ladder Co. 25

Lieutenant Richard M. Burke, Engine Co. 97

Firefighter Michael Sofia, Engine Co. 165

Firefighter Joseph P. Costello, Battalion Co. 58

Firefighter William R. O’Connor, Ladder Co. 84

Lieutenant Reinaldo Natal, Field Communications Unit

Paramedic Deborah Reeve, EMS Station 20

Fire Marshal William Wilson, Jr., Manhattan Base

Lieutenant Thomas J. Hodges, Engine Co. 313

Firefighter Robert J. Wieber, Engine Co. 262

Lieutenant Joseph P. Colleluori, Jr., Engine Co. 324

Firefighter Michael J. Shagi, Engine Co. 74

Firefighter William R. St. George, Batallion Special Operations Command

Firefighter Raymond W. Hauber, Engine Co. 284

EMS Lieutenant Brian Ellicott, EMS Dispatch

Firefighter William E. Moreau, Engine Co. 166

Lieutenant John P. Murray, Engine Co. 165

Firefighter Sean M. McCarthy, Engine Co. 280

Firefighter Bruce M. Foss, Ladder Co. 108

Firefighter Jacques W. Paultre, Engine Co. 50

Firefighter Kevin M. Delano, Sr., Ladder Co. 142

Lieutenant Vincent J. Tancredi, II, Ladder Co. 47

Paramedic Clyde F. Sealey, Bureau of Health Services

Firefighter Timothy G. Lockwood, Engine Co. 275

Firefighter Edward F. Reilly, Jr., Ladder Co. 160

Firefighter John F. McNamara, Engine Co. 234

Lieutenant Thomas G. Roberts, Ladder Co. 40

Captain Kevin J. Cassidy, Engine Co. 320

Firefighter Joan R. Daley, Engine Co. 63

Firefighter Richard A. Manetta, Ladder Co. 156

Lieutenant Peter J. Farrenkopf, Marine Co. 6

Battalion Chief John J. Vaughan, Battalion Co. 3

Firefighter Robert A. Ford, Engine Co. 284

Paramedic Carene A. Brown, EMS Bureau of Training

Firefighter James J. Ryan, Ladder Co. 167

Lieutenant Robert M. Hess, Ladder Co. 76

EMT Freddie Rosario, EMS Station 4

Lieutenant Harry Wanamaker, Jr., Marine Co. 1

Supv. Commun. Electrician Philip J. Berger, Outside Plant Operations

Firefighter Vincent J. Albanese, Ladder Co. 38

Firefighter John P. Sullivan, Jr., Ladder Co. 34

Firefighter Roy W. Chelsen, Engine Co. 28

Firefighter John F. O’Neill, Ladder Co. 52

Lieutenant Randy J. Wiebicke, Ladder Co. 1

Firefighter Brian C. Malloy, Ladder Co. 80

Lieutenant John A. Garcia, Ladder Co. 5

Firefighter Anthony J. Nuccio, Ladder Co. 175

Fire Marshal Steven C. Mosiello, Chief of Department’s Office

Firefighter Carl Capobianco, Ladder Co. 87

Deputy Chief William Guido, Marine Division

Capt. Sheldon Barocas, Engine 251

Capt. Emilio Longo, Ladder 110

Lt. Andrew Borgese, Engine 326

Lt. Mark McKay, Ladder 45

Lt. Robert Stegmeier, Ladder 127

FF Raymond Ragucci, Engine 5

FF Martin Simmons, Ladder 111

and FF Virginia Spinelli, Engine 329

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