Operational Excellence

Following an unplanned hiatus; CommandSafety.com is back, reloaded, revitalized and inspired with innovative visions and refreshing perspectives to support the daily mission of the company and command officer with emerging and fundamental perspectives on operational excellence for today’s evolving fireground.

Operational Excellence

Expect some exciting things to come your way in the weeks and months ahead this fall with some new programs and training aids as well as more interactive resources, downloads and timely postings, links and reference support that you came to expect from CommandSafety.com

The Rules of Combat Structural Fire Engagement Have Changed

  • Art & Science of Fire Fighting
  • The Built Environment we work in
  • The Science & Technology Basis
  • Redefining Strategic & Tactical Methodologies and Models
  • Implementing Adaptive Management
  • Using Predictive Strategies & Tactics
  • Retooling our Roles and Responsibilities
  • Refine our Profession to meet tomorrows Challenges & Demands
  • Are you going to be an Active & Engaged Participant  or
  • An Observer: Watching from the Side lines passively?


Operational Excellence and the New ROE

Remind or introduce yourself to The New Rules of Engagement, HERE and HERE

Rules of Engagement for Firefighter Survival

  • Size-Up Your Tactical Area of Operation.
  • Determine the Occupant Survival Profile.
  • DO NOT Risk Your Life for Lives or Property That Can Not Be Saved.
  • Extend LIMITED Risk to Protect SAVABLE Property.
  • Extend Vigilant and Measured Risk to Protect and Rescue SAVABLE Lives.
  • Go in Together, Stay Together, Come Out Together
  • Maintain Continuous Awareness of Your Air Supply, Situation, Location and Fire Conditions.
  • Constantly Monitor Fireground Communications for Critical Radio Reports.
  • You Are Required to Report Unsafe Practices or Conditions That Can Harm You. Stop, Evaluate and Decide.
  • You Are Required to Abandon Your Position and Retreat Before Deteriorating Conditions Can Harm You.
  • Declare a May Day As Soon As You THINK You Are in Danger. 

The Incident Commanders Rules of Engagement for Firefighter Safety

  • Rapidly Conduct, or Obtain, a 360 Degree Size‐Up of the Incident.
  • Determine the Occupant Survival Profile.
  • Conduct an Initial Risk Assessment and Implement a SAFE ACTION PLAN.
  • If You Do Not Have The Resources to Safely Support and Protect Firefighters – Seriously Consider a Defensive Strategy.
  • DO NOT Risk Firefighter Lives for Lives or Property That Can Not Be Saved – Seriously Consider a Defensive Strategy.
  • Extend LIMITED Risk to Protect SAVABLE Property.
  • Extend Vigilant and Measured Risk to Protect and Rescue SAVABLE Lives.
  • Act Upon Reported Unsafe Practices and Conditions That Can Harm Firefighters. Stop, Evaluate and Decide.
  • Maintain Frequent Two‐Way Communications and Keep Interior Crews Informed of Changing Conditions.
  • Obtain Frequent Progress Reports and Revise the Action Plan.
  • Ensure Accurate Accountability of All Firefighter Location and Status.
  • If, After Completing the Primary Search, Little or No Progress Towards Fire Control Has Been Achieved -Seriously Consider a Defensive Strategy.
  • Always Have a Rapid Intervention Team in Place at All Working Fires
  • Always Have Firefighter Rehab Services in Place at All Working Fires


Today’s needs for an Adaptive Fireground Mangement


Don’t forget about the importance of Operating Experience: Are you reviewing and participating? Check out the National Firefighter Near Miss Reporting System, HERE

National Fire Fighter Near-Miss Reporting System

The National Fire Fighter Near-Miss Reporting System is a voluntary, confidential, non-punitive, and secure reporting system with the goal of improving fire fighter safety.  Submitted reports are reviewed by fire service professionals and identifying descriptions are removed to protect your identity. The report is then posted on this web site for other firefighters to use as a learning tool.

Rememeber this:

It’s not the uniform, rank or helmet color that defines a person; it’s what you do that defines who you are.

  • We must have the fortitude and courage to be both safety conscious and measured in the performance of our sworn duties while maintaining the appropriate balance of risk and bravery.
  • The demands and requirements of modern firefighting will continue to require the placement of personnel within situations and buildings that carry risk, uncertainty and inherent danger.
  • How and what you do, accept or disregard reflects highly upon you.
  • What defines you; as a firefighter, an officer or commander? Where and how do you fit in?

    That Defines You?



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