Defining Buildings and their Inherent Characteristics

Defining Buildings and Inherent Charactoristics

Today’s evolving fireground demands greater insights and an increased understanding of buildings, occupancy risk profiling (ORP) and building anatomy. Recently there has been a movement that has categorized buildings into two groups: engineered and legacy construction.

I strongly believe this is far too limiting and restrictive which is resulting in missed opportunities to develop further insights into other building systems and occupancy risk profiling. In order to refine categories that provide corresponding values related to inherent construction features, systems, collapse and comprise, performance characteristics, fire integrity, resistance etc., the following building anatomy categories are suggested and promoted:

Building Anatomy

Construction Systems

  • Heritage
    • Pre-1900
  • Legacy
    • 1900-1949
  • Conventional
    • 1950-1979
  • Engineered
    • 1980-2001
  • Integrated Hybrid Systems
    • 2002- current …
  • Composite Engineered Systems
    • 2010 – current …

Give some thought to the time spans and the types of buildings at would compromise each group. I’ll post an upcoming article with expanded narrative on each…..

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