Survivability Profiling and the Fire Ground Size-Up

In support of recent program on Taking it to the Streets regarding Survivability Profiling with our  special guest Captain Stephen Marsars, FDNY we are posting some of the research and articles to aid in your own individual research and increased awareness on this emerging concept and refined methodology expanding traditional size-up into a new element.

The radio program, presentation, dialog and discussions added richly to the continuing efforts to improve and challenge the fires service into exploring new directions in an effort to increase our proficiencies, capabilities and operations.

You can download or listen to the the full program HERE.

Here are those reference links;

  • National Fire Academy, Executive Fire Officer Program: EFO Paper: Can They Be Saved? Utilizing Civilian Survivability Profiling to Enhance Size-up and Reduce Firefighter Fatalities in the Fire Department, City of New York

Other Links from

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