Provisional 2010 Firefighter LODD Fatality Statistics

There were 85 LODD in the United States in 2010

Provisional 2010 Firefighter Fatality Statistics

The United States Fire Administration (USFA) recently released the Provisional 2010 Firefighter Fatality Statistics.

According to the report there were 85 onduty firefighter fatalities in the United States as a result of incidents that occurred in 2010, a 6 percent decrease from the 90 fatalities reported for 2009.

The 85 fatalities were spread across 31 states.

  • Illinois experienced the highest number of fatalities (9).
  • In addition to Illinois, only New York (8),
  • Ohio (8),
  • Pennsylvania (7), and
  • Kansas (5) had 5 or more firefighter fatalities.

Heart attacks and strokes were responsible for the deaths of 51 firefighters (60%) in 2010, nearly the same proportion of firefighter deaths from heart attack or stroke (58%) in 2009.

Nine onduty firefighters died in association with wildland fires, about half the number that died in association with wildland fires in 2009 and a third of the 26 such fatalities in 2008.

Forty-eight percent of all firefighter fatalities occurred while performing emergency duties.

Eleven firefighters died in 2010 as the result of vehicle crashes, down substantially from 16 deaths in 2009, and for the first time since 1999, none the of the deaths involved aircraft. Four firefighters in 2010 died in accidents involving firefighters responding in personal vehicles. Seven firefighter deaths involved fire department apparatus, one of which was a double firefighter fatality incident.

These 2010 firefighter fatality statistics are provisional and may change as the USFA contacts State Fire Marshals to verify the names of firefighters reported to have died onduty during 2010.

The final number of firefighter fatalities will be reported in USFA’s annual firefighter fatality report, expected to be available by July.

  • 2010 Firefighter Fatality Provisional Statistics (PDF, 11 Kb) HERE
  • 2010 Firefighter Fatality Provisional Statistics (Text, 4 Kb) HERE
  • USFA 2010 LODD Fatality Notices, HERE
  • USFA 2011 LODD Fatality Notices, HERE

2010 Line of Duty

As Report From the USFA web Site

Firefighter’s Name City, State Date of Death
Hardy, Tom  Athens, Michigan 12/31/2010 
Adamo, Kenneth  Elmwood Park, New Jersey 12/28/2010 
Stringer, Edward  Chicago, Illinois 12/22/2010 
Ankum, Corey  Chicago, Illinois 12/22/2010 
Null, Chad  Sullivan, Indiana 12/16/2010 
Tuberville, Jimmy  Milledgeville, Tennessee 12/13/2010 
Denton, Dillon C. Lancaster, South Carolina 12/07/2010 
Valentino, Gary M. Brooklyn, New York 11/26/2010 
Marshall, Jr., Kenneth  Rehoboth, Massachusetts 11/25/2010 
Sanchez, Fernando  South Sacramento, California 11/23/2010 
Hall, Worne T. Hitchins, Kentucky 11/19/2010 
Zobel, Chance  Columbia, South Carolina 11/13/2010 
Gumbert, James  North Irwin, Pennsylvania 11/10/2010 
Murray, Leonard Arthur Nashville, Indiana 11/05/2010 
Drake, Rick  Taylorsville, Indiana 11/01/2010 
Cummins, Gary L. Brocton, Illinois 10/31/2010 
Quinn, Kevin  Dayton, Ohio 10/30/2010 
Bachinsky, Bruce  Waterbury, Connecticut 10/26/2010 
Davenport, Randall Scott Marshall, Missouri 10/24/2010 
Wilson, Daniel C. Curtice, Ohio 10/23/2010 
Akin, Jr., William  Ghent, New York 10/19/2010 
Saunders, Jim  Sacramento, California 10/07/2010 
Innes, Thomas  Hindsboro, Illinois 10/03/2010 
Hall, Robert  Lynchburg, Ohio 09/27/2010 
Mosley, Edward  Morgan, Texas 09/26/2010 
Stephan, Ronald W. Lynn, Indiana 09/25/2010 
Seitz, Ryan Neil McArthur, Ohio 09/24/2010 
Clark, William Harold “Hal” Atlantic, Virginia 09/24/2010 
Johnson, Mark  Hinsdale, Illinois 09/20/2010 
Owen, James M. Irvine, California 09/16/2010 
Kelly, John  Tarrytown, New York 09/06/2010 
Suiter, Larry  Lorraine, Kansas 09/04/2010 
Farrington, Douglas  Delta, Pennsylvania 08/23/2010 
Littleton, Jonathan Lewis “Johnny” Pine Level, North Carolina 08/20/2010 
Wheatley, Christopher  Chicago, Illinois 08/09/2010 
Adams, Christopher W. Little Rock, Arkansas 08/02/2010 
Costello, Steven N. Burlington, Vermont 07/30/2010 
Altice, William Daniel “Danny” Rocky Mount, Virginia 07/26/2010 
Dillon, Posey  Rocky Mount, Virginia 07/26/2010 
Sullivan, David  Otis, Massachusetts 07/25/2010 
Velasquez, Steven John Bridgeport, Connecticut 07/24/2010 
Baik, Michel  Bridgeport, Connecticut 07/24/2010 
Springman, Richard L. Trout Run, Pennsylvania 07/14/2010 
Hornberger, Charles  Milmont Park, Pennsylvania 07/12/2010 
Smith, Douglas L. Williamstown, Pennsylvania 07/09/2010 
Flintom, Charles “Bob” Robert Greer, South Carolina 07/04/2010 
Araguz III, Thomas  Wharton, Texas 07/03/2010 
Fouts, V, Frank William Kankakee, Illinois 07/01/2010 
Brown, Jay C. Eastman, Georgia 06/27/2010 
Bauermeister, Chet  Mesa, Washington 06/23/2010 
Davis, Scott W. Oswego, New York 06/20/2010 
Eckert, Edward  Manahawkin, New Jersey 06/06/2010 
Schneider Jr., Donald A. Belleville, Wisconsin 05/29/2010 
Meusel, Kurt  Scales Mound, Illinois 05/22/2010 
Curlin, David  Pine Bluff, Arkansas 05/22/2010 
Glaser, John  Shawnee, Kansas 05/22/2010 
IRR, David  Yuma, Arizona 05/22/2010 
Johnson, Paul  Fort Cobb, Oklahoma 05/19/2010 
Caldwell, Donnie  Ghent, West Virginia 05/13/2010 
Polimine, John  Windber, Pennsylvania 05/01/2010 
Crannell, Steven Scott Guthrie Center, Iowa 04/22/2010 
Iaccino, Vincent  Hyde Park, New York 04/12/2010 
Loomis, Garrett  Sackets Harbor, New York 04/11/2010 
Reed, Sr., Harold  Peru, Kansas 04/11/2010 
Schaper, Donald E Gainsville, Missouri 04/09/2010 
Powell, Leo  Lucasville, Ohio 04/03/2010 
Teare, Edward  Independence, Ohio 03/31/2010 
Robinson, Dennis  Tucson, Arizona 03/31/2010 
Carey, Brian  Homewood, Illinois 03/30/2010 
Moore, John P. Columbus, Ohio 03/29/2010 
Bolick, Jeremy  Blowing Rock, North Carolina 03/21/2010 
Wright, Tommy  Blowing Rock, North Carolina 03/21/2010 
Adkins, Donald “Donnie”  Glasgow, West Virginia 03/13/2010 
Swan, Kevin  Beacon Falls, Connecticut 03/10/2010 
Marcheterre, Gerard  Skaneateles, New York 03/06/2010 
Rowe, Brian  West Fork, Maine 03/05/2010 
Waynant, Sr., Brian P. Wilmington, Delaware 03/01/2010 
Siemers, Jonathan  Clay Center, Kansas 02/21/2010 
Mellott, Donald G. Woolrich, Pennsylvania 02/12/2010 
Giles, Stanley L. Linn Valley, Kansas 02/10/2010 
Coyle, John  Priest River, Idaho 02/08/2010 
Sandy, Henry  Batesville, Arkansas 01/26/2010 
Cannon, Terry  Louisville, Kentucky 01/17/2010 
McCafferty, Joseph Mack Lancaster, Ohio 01/16/2010 
Thompson, Jerry  Union, Mississippi 01/14/2010 
Kemp, Leroy  Tioga Center, New York 01/13/2010 
Eck, Urban Aloyisous Wichita, Kansas 01/02/2010 


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