Near-Misses, Maydays and Floor Collapses

Do you know what's underneath you as you're making entry?

If you’ve been paying attention to the latest news and on the job reports these past few days, you may have noticed there’s been an emerging trend evident in near miss, close-calls resulting in maydays, RIT deployments and self-rescue resulting from floor compromise and floor collapse. 

As I was doing some research and posting links related to the first one or two events on Buildingsonfire on Facebook, HERE, it became evident that there was an immediate opportunity to get some learning’s and insights out. If you have a chance head over to Facebook and link into Buildingsonfire and check out the incident links posted as well as some immediate report links.

I’ll plan to develop some operational safety and awareness insights related to building construction, floor systems and operational integrity in the next few days. I’ll get a comprehensive list of events and incident parameters compiled and posted also.

In the meantime here are some links I pulled together that you should take the time to read and share with your companies, personnel and staff…..

This seems like a good time to have a ten minute drill on these events as Operating Expeeince (OE) on floor systems and operational safety.

Reference Links for Operational Insights and Operating Experience (OE)

Here’s some screen shots from Buildingsonfire on Facebook. Go HERE or follow the link at the left column. Join the growing list of 3500 fans with Buildingsonfire on Facebook and (fully launching in January, 2011)

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  • hilinda says:

    Keep an eye on the investigations of the near-miss training accident in Clyde NY few days ago, when 5 firefighters went through the floor at a live burn training, when the concrete floor collapsed. Fortunately, all five had only minor injuries- or so it has been described. One has a broken tailbone, and I think if it were my tailbone, I wouldn’t find that “minor” at all! Still, incredibly glad it wasn’t worse. Had a friend at that training who had just left the room where the floor collapsed.

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