Ten Minutes in the Street: “A Little Smoke Showin’?”


Ten Minutes in the Streets with Christopher Naum

Ten Minutes in the Street

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Interactive Scenarios, Where YOU Make the Call

Ten Minutes in the Street is back, bringing you insightful and provoking street scenarios for the discriminating and perspective Firefighter, Officer and Commander; where you make the call. You don’t have to have any special rank to participate in this interactive forum, just the desire to learn and expand you knowledge, skills and abilities in order to better yourself, create new insights, while sharing your experience and perspectives to help you and others in the street in making the right call; so everyone has the opportunity of going home.  

Ten Minutes in the Street: “A Little Smoke Showin’ with your Coffee? 

 Volume 10, Number 8 

The recruit firefighters just finished brewing a fresh pot of coffee and you’re about to have your first cup this morning when the tones and bells alert the station of a report of smoke coming from a house across the street from the caller. The communications center advises that the caller doesn’t know if anyone is home, but they are certain there’s smoke coming from the house, even though a slight morning fog layer is beginning to burn off. OK, so much for that coffee. You’re the acting chief this morning, so instead of riding the engine company, you’ve got the chief’s SUV. As you get ready to head out the door, you can hear the engine company fire up a bay over signaling you a driver is in the house and a crew is assembling and preparing to roll out shortly.  

You’re out the door and down the street. A couple of quick turns and a few intersections later, you’re heading down the street towards the smoke that you can see rising over the trees and house peaks. You arrive, on-scene in a residential neighborhood and observe fire in the upper second floor of a 1-1/2 story wood frame. You drive past the front and take in a good view of the Bravo, Alpha and Delta sides of the structure. You establish command in the driveway of a house across the street that gives you a good view of the occupancy. Two Engine Companies are enroute, along with a truck company, ems unit and a Rescue company. Mutual aid has also been dispatched, that will give you two additional engines and another manpower squad company. The first-due engine is about four minutes out. The street has ample hydrants at both ends and mid points. The house is midway down the street, with access from both directions  

Scenario Questions  

  • What is your command risk assessment and size-up of the structure, occupancy and present fire conditions?
  • What will your transmit in your initial communications upon arrival?
  • What kind of information must be transmitted by a first-arriving company of command officer and why?
  • What’s your initial incident action plan (IAP) and strategy?
  • What are the sequences of primary tactical objectives that must be implemented in a timely manner?
  • What do you know about this type of structure and occupancy, how will the building behave; how will the fire behave?
  • What is the Ten Minute milestone; what do you expect to be doing or have happen after ten minutes have elapsed after your arrival?

Conditions on Delta Side

 Spend some time around the kitchen table, the day room of in the classroom and share your ideas and thoughts on the issues presented by this scenario  

  • The Scenario PDF File is attached HERE for download


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