Building Types

newyork-ogleThe United States Fire Administration (USFA) recently published a series of bulletins under their highly acclaimed Coffee Break Training series of informational bulletins. This series provided insights and awareness of how Buildings are “types” from a codes perspective related to fire resistance. All firefighters and officers need to have a firm understanding of the principles, concepts and methodologies of building construction. Another mission critical concept that I’ve discussed recently is operational risks and tactical deployment must be based upon Occupancy Risk, not Occupancy Type.

Remember; Building Knowledge = Firefighter Safety.

Here are the USFA document links;

Part 1: Understanding Construction “Types, HERE

Part 2: Where Fire Resistance May Be Required, HERE

Part 3: Fire-Resistive Assemblies, HERE

Part 4: How Fire Resistance Ratings are measured, HERE

Part 5: Understanding Construction: Fire Test “Survival”, HERE

Part 6: Required Fire Resistance, HERE

Part 7: Fire Resistance Based on Separation, HERE

More on Building Types in an upcoming post.

UL Fire Resistive Assemblies Information, HERE

Rating Definitions, HERE

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